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Dwight G. Stackhouse

Detroit Author, Playwright, Poet and Award-winning Storyteller, featuring voice overs and speaking engagements


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I began my artistic career in 1977 performing as an actor in Grand Rapids, MI. I continued performing in Detroit, Boston, New York and France to stellar reviews that garnered the attention of one of its playwrights, the legendary author, James Baldwin. I am the subject of one of his poems, "Song for Skip" 

With the profound honor of knowing him and as a protege of the late writer, I published my first novel based on a true story in 2013 called "Mother's Milk." The following year I published a book of love poems, called "Forever. . .My hearts desires" and a third book is in the works along with a collaborative effort co-produced with writer Alex Payne Morgan.

In The Press

The reason I write is simple - a desire for truth; truth that frees us all from human suffering and moves us toward better understanding, compassion, and tolerance. What motivates me to write is the ever-evolving complexity of life itself. It offers an endless array of experiences, thoughts, emotions, messages and perspectives that I have the opportunity to enhance through the power of my pen; to portray using the art of storytelling, or capture with emotional and compelling dialogue delivered in a play. 

As an artist, I must continually challenge myself and others to move outside of boundaries, shift paradigms, and embrace the difficult tasks of bridging acceptance of cultures outside of our own. This is how we will arrive at a place where there is appreciation for beauty in all things that are simply different; where love dominates our existence and peace reigns eternal. We can choose this, we must.

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News and Events


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